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Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry

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Starukh Galyna Mykolaivna



PhD in Chemistry, Senior Researcher

Laboratory of Photonics Oxide Nanosystems


Telephone: +380 44 422-96-98

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G.M. Starukh works at the Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 2002.



Synthesis of novel nanosized layered double hydroxides modified with transitional metal cations (Cu2+, Со2+, Fe3+), and various interlayer anions; Development of new types of adsorbents and photocatalysts for removal of air and water pollutants by selective adsorption and photoсatalytic oxidation processes; Photocatalytical activity testing of semiconductors composites in photodestruction of organic molecules; Development of hydrotalcite-like additives for polymer compositions for improvement of physical mechanical properties of hybride nanocomposites.



1995 - graduated from Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine, Graduate Diploma in Chemist / Chemistry teacher (Department of Analytical Chemistry)

1999-2001 - postgraduate student at the Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine

2003 - PhD in Chemistry, specialty "physics and chemistry of surfaces" (candidate dissertation “Photonics of organic fluorophores on the titania-silica surfaces”

2016 - Senior Researcher, specialty "physics and chemistry of surface"


Awards and grants

2000 - The stipend of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

2001 - President's Young Scientist Award for a series of publications “Creating of materials with desired physical and chemical properties based on nanoscale heterogeneous cluster-assembled systems” (together with I. Laguta, N. Guzenko, O. Goncharuk)

2004-2005 - post-doc project «Synthesis of sol-gel nanocrystalline coatings for photocatalysis and optics», , Group of Nanomaterials headed by professor Lubomir Spanhel, Laboratory of Glass and Ceramics, University Rennes-1, Rennes, France;

2008, September-December, Program of International Centre for Science and High Technology-ICS-UNIDO “Biofuels and chemicals from bioresources”, under supervision of Prof. Gabriele Centi, University of Messina, Italy

2006-2008 - Project of USTC - PPG Industries, Inc “Testing of anticorrosive coatings for metal protection”, Laboratory of the testing of anticorrosive pigments, Institute of Sorption and Endoecology problems of NASU, Kyiv, Ukraine

2018-2019 Visegrad Scholarship, project “Synthesis and characterization of the nanostructured layered double hydroxides and their derivatives for photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide” carried out at the Masaryk University from September 2018 to January 2019


Scientific work

Coauthor of 31 scientific publications.


Selected publications:

  1. G. M. Starukh Photocatalytically Enhanced Cationic Dye Removal with Zn-Al Layered Double Hydroxides Nanoscale Research Letters, 2017, 12:391. DOI: 10.1186/s11671-017-2173-y
  2. G. M. Starukh, O.P. Rozovik, O. I. Oranska Organo/ Zn-Al LDH nanocomposites for cationic dye removal from aqueous media Nanoscale Research Letters. – 2016, 11:228
  3. V. Brei, G. Starukh, S. Levytska, D. Shistka Study of a Continuous Process of Glycerolysis of Rapeseed Oil with the Solid Base Catalysts, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, 2012, V. 6, N 1. 89-94.
  4. V.V. Brei, O.V. Melezhyk, G.M. Starukh, E.I. Oranskaya, P.A. Mutovkin Organic precursor synthesis of Al–Mg mixed oxides and hydrotalcites. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2008, 113. – 411-417.
  5. Starukh G., Toscani S., Boursicot S., Spanhel L. Photoactivity of sol-gel derived nitridated ZnxTiyOz films. Z. Phys. Chem. 2007, 221. 349–360.
  6. F. Grasset, G. Starukh, L. Spanhel, S. Ababou-Girard, D.-S. Su, A. Klein From ZnO Colloids to Nanocrystalline Colored ZnxTiyOw-zNz Spinel Films. Adv. Mater. 2005, 17, No. 3, 294-297.



Ukrainian conference with international participation 


devoted to the 35th anniversary of the Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine






26−27 May, 2021, Kyiv


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