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Prizes and Awards

Prizes and Awards

State Prize of Ukrainian SSR in Science and Technology

1972 - O.O. Chuiko, V.А. Tertykh, M.V. Khaber (among the Authors for scientific and technological development and manufacturing application of dispersive silica with chemically modified surface and its application as thickeners for lubricants )

1988 – V.V. Diakin (among the Authors) (Restricted access to the topic)


State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology

1992 – I.F. Myroniuk, M.I. Khoma, V.S. Belyakov, R.V. Sushko (among the Authors for development and application of ecologically pure flow technologies of the accelerated production for food beverages on the base of the use of new compounds of silica)

1997 – Yu.D. Usenko (among the Authors for the series of scientific works “Scientific development and creation of the system of pulmonological care in Ukraine”)

2007 – P.P. Gorbyk, S.P Malashenkov (among the Authors) (Restricted access to the topic)

2018 - V.M. Gunko, Yu.O. Tarasenko (among the Authors for the series of scientific works "Chemical Design of Nanostructured Materials") 


Prizes of the President of Ukraine for young scientists

2001 – I.V. Laguta, N.V. Guzenko, O.V. Goncharuk, G.M. Starukh (for the series of scientific works “Creation of materials with predetermined physical and chemical properties based on nanosized heterogeneous cluster composed systems”)

2009 – A.O. Rugal, A.A. Turova, S.V. Kerus (for the series of scientific works “Clustered structure of water as the base of bioactive nanocomposites including highly dispersive oxides, biopolymer molecules and cells”)

2015 - Ie.V. Pylypchuk, L.P. Storozhuk, M.P. Turelyk (for the series of scientific works "Magnetic multifunctional nanocomposites and nanomaterials for biomedical applications")

2018 - O.O. Havryliuk (among the Authors for the series of scientific works "Laser annealing of non-stoichiometric  silicon-based nanocomposite films")


Prizes of NAS of Ukraine for young scientists

2001 – I.V. Laguta, A.P. Pinchuk, O.M. Garkusha (“Сhemical physics of surface interface of nanosized heterogeneous cluster composed systems”)

2002 – A.G. Dyachenko, S.V. Prudius, O.A. Yakumenko (“Synthesis and investigation of nanosized oxide matrixes with controlled structure and surface chemistry’)


Pisarzhevskii Prize of NAS of Ukraine

2002 – O.O. Chuiko, V.M. Ogenko, E.P. Voronin (for the series of scientific works “Physico-chemical processes in the surface layer of oxide systems and the problems of synthesis of new functional materials”)

2006 – A.M. Eremenko (among the Authors “Development of physico-chemical principles for creation of new high reactive photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical systems and processes”)


Brodskii Prize of NAS of Ukraine

2006 – O.O. Chuiko, V.K. Pogorelyi, V.O. Pokrovskiy (for the series of scientific works “Medical chemistry of nanodispersive silica”)


Kul’skii Prize of Chemical Department of NAS of Ukraine for young scientists

2006 – O.M. Tsendra (among the Authors “Interaction of sorbents with inorganic acids and microorganisms in aqueous media and their application for water purification”)


Prize “Intellectual potential of young scientists to Kyiv”

2004 – S.Ya. Brychka, A.V. Brychka, L.Yu. Kotel (IV competition of scientific and technical projects) (project “New compounds and materials”)

2006 – L.P. Storozhuk (VI competition of scientific and technical projects) (project “Blood Purification by magnetic adsorbents”)


Award of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for outstanding achievements of youth in development of Ukraine

2010 – I.V. Melnyk (for outstanding achievements of youth in development of Ukraine)


Honorary title "Honored Worker of Science and Technology"

1993 – O.O. Chuiko (for personal contribution to the socioeconomic development of Kyiv, the enrichment of the national intellectual and cultural heritage)


Laureate of International scientific and educational programs for researchers and high school teachers (Soros Professor)

1998 – V.A. Tertykh


Orders, Medals

Order of Red Banner of Labor

1973 – O.O. Chuiko


Order "Badge of Honor"

1980 – O.O. Chuiko

1986 – V.M. Ogenko


Order of “For Merits” 3rd degree

2000 – O.O. Chuiko


Medal of NAS of Ukraine

2008 – V.M. Gunko (“For professional achievements”)

2008 – V.V. Turov (“For growth of new scientific generation”)

2008 – V.O. Pokrovskiy (Commemorative medal “90 years of National Academy of Science of Ukraine”)

2011 – L.O. Belyakova (“For the growth of new scientific generation of Ukraine”)

2011 – L.O. Belyakova (Commemorative medal “90 years of National Academy of Science of Ukraine”)

2011 – V.O. Pokrovskiy (“For professional achievements”)


Medal "In memory 1500 anniversary of Kyiv"

1980 – O.O. Chuiko

1982 – E. P. Voronin

1983 – L.O. Belyakova, P.P. Gorbyk, I.V. Dubrovin


Medal "Veteran of Labor"

1985 – O.O. Chuiko


Award of NAS of Ukraine for young scientists "Talent, Inspiration, Work"

2011 – O.A. Dudarko


Award of NAS of Ukraine " For scientific achievements"

2018 - V.M. Gunko


Award of NAS of Ukraine "For growth of new scientific generation"

2018 - P.P. Gorbyk


Award of the 100th anniversary of NAS of Ukraine

2018 - A.M.Eremenko, Yu.O. Tarasenko




Diploma of the Supreme Council of Ukraine

2004 – V.M. Ogenko

2018 - V.A. Tertykh


Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

2006 – V.M. Ogenko


Gratitude Kyiv mayor

2005 – P.P. Gorbyk. V.K. Pogorelyi


Diplomas of the State Government Committee, Pripyat City Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and the Executive Committee of Pripyat City Council Deputies

1986 – I.I. Agaiev, E.A. Bakai, V.Ye. Bard, L.I. Bondarenko, M.V. Borysenko, Ye.P. Voronin, V.A. Gomeniuk, Yu.M. Kozyrev, K.P. Konin, O.F. Manita, O.K. Matkovskii, A.V. Moriev, T.L. Ostrovskyi, G.P. Safro, Ye.M. Pakhlov, Yu.V. Plyuto, G.R. Yurchenko, V.D. Yuchymenko, V.A. Chupryn (for active participation in the Chernobyl Accident Liquidation)


Diploma of the President of NAS of Ukraine

2007 – A.M. Datsyuk (for active participation in the organization of the First Ukrainian Festival of Science)


Diploma of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine

2001 – P.P. Gorbyk, V.M. Gunko (for scientific achievements)

2008 – L.G. Grechko, A.M. Eremenko, Yu.O. Tarasenko, G.E. Pavlyk, N.P. Smirnova (for scientific achievements)

2010 – P.P. Gorbyk (for scientific achievements)


Diploma of the Presidium and the Trade Union Central Committee of NAS of Ukraine

2001 – L.O. Belyakova (for productive scientific and scientific-pedagogical activity)

2008 – G.E. Pavlyk (for productive scientific activity and on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of NAS of Ukraine)


Diploma of Chemical Department of NAS of Ukraine

2009 – L.P. Storozhuk (for the series of scientific works "New oxide functional nanomaterials and nanocomposites for medicobiological and technical applications)

2011 – Yu.L. Zub, O.A. Dudarko, M.V. Borysenko, A.G. Grebenyuk, G.E. Pavlyk (on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine)


Thanks from the Head of Svyatoshinsky district Council in Kyiv

2008 – G.E. Pavlyk (for conscientious work and on the occasion of the Science Day)


Diploma of State Service of Intellectual Property of Ukraine, Ukrainian contest "Invention - 2012" in nomination "New Compounds and Materials”

2013 – L.I. Borysenko, M.V. Borysenko, M.T. Kartel (among the Authors of the patent of Ukraine for the invention № 99227, 25.07.2012 “Plastic Greases”)


Grants, Fellowships

Grant of the President of Ukraine for gifted youth

2003 – A.G. Dyachenko, R.V. Mazurenko, M.M. Filonenko (for the project "Young people: present and future of Ukrainian science)


Grant of the President of Ukraine for young scientists

2005 – P. O. Kuzema (for the project “Silica with adjustable hydrophobicity as the active fillers for porous polymers”)


Grant of the President of Ukraine to support the young scientists

2007 – A.M. Datsyuk (for the project "The role of the structure defects of carbon materials in the formation of their magnetic properties ")

2011 – L.P. Storozhuk, I.M. Mudrak, S.V. Hutornoy (for the project “Synthesis and physicochemical properties of nanosystems of directed transport for application in medicine and biology”)

2015 - Ye.V. Pylypchuk (for the project "Novel magnetosensitive nanomaterials for medical therapy and diagnostics")


Grant of NAS of Ukraine for young scientists

2003 – A.M. Datsyuk, O.O. Sanyts’ka, O.M. Tsendra, I.G. Sydorenko (for scientific investigation “Theoretical modeling within the density functional method of nanotubular forms of compounds ”)

2005 – I.G. Sydorenko, A.M. Datsyuk, M.I. Terebinska, O.O. Sanyts’ka (for scientific investigation “The development of catalytic methods synthesis of structured system of carbon nanotube and its application as a receptor layer of sensors for hydrocarbons gasoline fraction”)

2011 – O.A. Dudarko (for scientific investigation “Mono- and bifunctional phosphorous containing silica for selective extraction of heavy, rare-earth metals and radioactive metals from environment”)

2013 – N.V. Roik, I.M. Trofymchuk, M.O. Dziaz’ko (for scientific investigation “Directionally modified mesoporous silicas for prolonged release of biologically active compounds”)

2015 - Iu.P. Mukha, S.V. Snegir (for scientific investigation “Photosensitive composites with picosecond optical response based on diarylethene derivatives and nanoparticles of silver and gold”)


Grant DAAD

1998 – Yu.L. Zub (University of Goettingen, Germany )

2001 – Yu.L. Zub (University of Goettingen, Germany )

2004 – I.V. Melnyk (“Metalated forms of Nafion dispersed in mesoporous ordered silica of the type MCM-41”)


Grant INTAS (EU)

1994–1996 – Yu.L. Zub (INTAS 94-4612)

1997–1999 – Yu.L. Zub. (INTAS 96-0978)

2005–2006 – I.V. Melnyk (“Functionalized bridged polysilsesquioxanes: synthesis, structure, properties and application”)


Grant CAST

1996 – Yu.L. Zub (Florida University, Gainesville, USA)


Grant RS

1999 – Yu.L. Zub (UMIST, Manchester, Great Britain)



2000–2001 – Yu.L. Zub (University of Parma, Italy)



2014 - T.V. Kulyk


Fellowship of the President of Ukraine

2000–2002 – I.V. Laguta, N.V. Chepelevska

2002–2004 – N.V. Guzenko, A.G. Dyachenko

2004–2006 – L.M. Besarab, A.M. Datsyuk

2006–2008 – T.Ye. Korochkova, I.S. Petrik

2008–2009 – K.V. Katok

2008–2010 – N.V. Roik

2009–2010 – I.S. Berezovska

2009–2011 – O.A. Dudarko

2010–2012 – L.P. Storozhuk, I.Ya. Sulym

2011–2013 – L.S. Andriyko

2012–2014 – N.V. Vityuk

2012–2014 – Ye.V. Pylypchuk

2014–2016 – E.M. Demianenko,  K.V. Voitko, S.V. Snegir

2016–2018 – O.O. Havryliuk, Iu.P. Mukha, O.V. Filonenko, Ye.V. Pylypchuk

2018 - A.P. Golovan

2018-2019 - K.V. Voitko

2018-2020 - O.O. Havryliuk, Iu.P. Mukha, N.V. Siharova

2019-2021 - Biliuk A.A.



Fellowship of NAS of Ukraine

2000–2002 – N.V. Guzenko, G.M. Starukh

2002–2004 – O.A. Yakymenko, I.V. Melnyk

2004–2006 – P.O. Kuzema, M.M. Filonenko

2006–2008 – I.Ya. Sulym, O.V. Severinovskaya

2008 – A.A. Nikolaichuk

2008–2009 – Yu.I. Gnatiuk

2008–2010 – A.O. Rugal’

2009–2011 – L.V. Nosach

2010–2011 – N.V. Vityuk

2011–2013 – M.V. Galaburda, A.P. Golovan

2013–2014 – O.M. Shvets

2013–2015 – R.P. Pogorily

2014–2016 – S.V. Khutornyi

2015-2017 – M.I. Terebinska

2016-2018 – Т.М. Budnyak

2018-2019 - S.V. Snegir

2018-2020 - V.M. Tomina

2019-2021 - Tkachuk O.I.



Fellowship of the Kyiv mayor for gifted youth

2006 – I.V. Melnyk (for personal creative contribution to the development of the city)


Scholarship of Switzerland National Science Foundation

2002 – G.M. Starukh


Fellowship of Brighton University

2007–2012 – A.V. Korobeinyk


Fulbright foundation scholarship

2012-2013 – O.A. Dudarko ("Synthesis of functionalized hierarchical materials with tailored porosity and surface chemistry as representatives of a new generation of adsorbents")


Visegrad scholarship

2008-2009 – N.A. Ivaschenko

2013-2014 - I.Ya. Sulym ("Hybrid polydimethylsiloxane - modified silicas materials as protective coatings: structural and hydrophobic–hydrophilic properties")

2014-2015  - М.V. Galaburda ("Development of new approaches for the synthesis of magneto-sensitive nanostructured carbon sorbents")

2014-2015  - Т.М. Budnyak  (“Development of new effective approaches for synthesis composites based on biopolymer chitosan and natural minerals for concentration of heavy metals for application in water treatment”)

2015-2016 - Ye.V. Pylypchuk ("Development of novel multifunctional theranostic nanocomposites for biomedical application")

2018 - G.M. Starukh

2018-2019 - L.V. Nosach


Fellowship of French Embassy in Ukraine

October-December 2015 - S.V. Snegir


Fellowship of Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

2018 - T.M. Budnyak


Vyhovsky fellowship from the President of Poland

2018 - I.Ya. Sulym


Scholarship for exchange program between the Royal Society of Canada and

the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

2019 - L.V. Nosach


Visby Program Scholarship of the Swedish Institute

2016 - T.V. Kulyk


2019-2020 - L.V. Nosach


National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic

2021 - L.V. Nosach







Нещодавно у місті Любліні (Республіка Польща) на Arena Lublin відбулася Міжнародна виставка винаходів і технологій INNO-WINGS 2023, організована Центром науково-освітніх інновацій у Любліні. У заході взяли участь науковці з Польщі, США, Індії, Ірландії, Норвегії, Італії та України. На виставці було показано новітні рішення в галузях техніки та медицини.

Інститут хімії поверхні успішно представила команда розробників проекту «Зубна паста із мікро-і наночастинками», що підтверджуює отримана нагорода (бронзова медаль) 





Міністерство освіти і науки України оголосило конкурс для науковців на 2023 рік за програмою НАТО «Наука заради миру та безпеки» (SPS).

Заявки приймаються до 17 лютого 2023 року. 


Деталі за посиланням - посилання



Конкурс на отримання грантів для візитів молодих науковців НАН України на місячний термін до Польщі з метою стажування в науково-дослідних установах Польської академії наук

(Кінцевий термін подачі документів: 18 лютого 2023р.)


 Оголошено конкурс на здобуття стипендії імені академіка НАН України Б.Є. Патона для молодих вчених Національної академії наук України - кандидатів наук (докторів філософії) і докторів наук

(Кінцевий термін подачі документів до 24 листопада 2022р)         




Відповідно до наказу МОН №894 від 10.10.2022 р. строком на три роки в Інституті хімії поверхні ім. О.О.Чуйка НАН України утворено дві спеціалізовані вчені ради (Д 26.210.01Д 26.210.02) з правом прийняття до розгляду та проведення захисту дисертацій на здобуття наукового ступеня доктора (кандидата) наук.






Ukrainian conference with international participation 




11-12 October, 2023, Kyiv


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Спільне звернення НАН і МОН

Спільне звернення Міністерства освіти і науки України, Національної академії наук України, народних депутатів до міжнародної наукової спільноти


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