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Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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Collection of scientific papers “Surface”

ISBN 978-966-00-083-1

UDK 544.723



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 Original scientific and review articles of the scientific results in the field of chemistry, physics and technology of surface are published in the Collection. It is beneficial to the scientific researchers, PhD students and specialists that have deal with the synthesis and investigation of new oxide and carbon materials to solve the various tasks of chemistry, physics, biology, and medicine.

The “Surface” has been included in High Attestation (Certification) Commission of Ukraine list according to the following science areas: chemistry, physics and mathematics.




 Editorial board:


Academician NAS Ukraine N.Т. Kartel - Editor-in-Chief

DSc (Chem.), Prof. V.V. Lobanov - Executive secretary

DSc (Chem.), Prof. L.A. Belyakova

DSc (Pharm.) I.I. Gerashchenko

DSc (Phys.&Math.), Prof. P.P. Gorbyk

DSc (Phys.&Math.) B.М. Gorelov

DSc (Chem.), Prof. V.М. Gun'ko

DSc (Chem.), Prof. А.М. Еremenko

DSc (Chem.), Prof. Yu.L. Zub

DSc (Phys.&Math.), Prof. V.A. Pokrovskiy

DSc (Phys.&Math.), Prof. S.I. Pokutniyi

DSc (Phys.&Math.), Prof. V.М. Rozenbaum

DSc (Tech.) L.S. Semko

Dsc (Phys. &Math.) A.Yu. Semchuk

DSc (Chem.), Prof. Yu.A. Tarasenko

DSc (Chem.), Prof. V.А. Tertykh

DSc (Chem.), Prof. V.V. Turov


Address of the Editorial: Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine

17 General Naumov str., Kyiv 03164, Ukraine

Phone: +380 44 422-96-26; fax: +380 44 424-35-67

Е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Certificate of state registration: КV No15862-4334 R from 27.10.09.




Ukrainian conference with international participation 


dedicated to the 90th birthday of Aleksey Chuiko,

Academician of NAS of Ukraine



21−22 October, 2020, Kyiv


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