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Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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Academic Council


The members of Academic Council is ratified (approved) by the resolution of

Bureau of Chemical Department of NAS of Ukraine

from 24.01.2019 р. (protocol № 1, § 7, p. 2)



Academician of NAS of Ukraine M.Т. Kartel (chairman)


Corr. Member of NAS of Ukraine V.V. Turov (vice-chairman)


PhD (Chem.) A.M. Datsyuk (secretary)


DSc (Chem.), Prof. L.O. Belyakova


PhD (Chem.), Senior researcher M.V. Borysenko


DSc (Chem.), Senior researcher N.N. Vlasova


DSc (Chem.), Senior researcher E.P. Voronin


PhD (Phys.& Math.), O.O. Gavrylyuk


DSc (Farm.), Prof. I.I. Gerashchenko


DSc (Phys.& Math.), Prof. P.P. Gorbyk


DSc (Phys.& Math.) B.М. Gorelov


DSc (Chem.), Prof. V.М. Gun'ko


PhD (Chem.), O.A. Dudarko


DSc (Chem.), Prof. A.М. Eremenko


PhD (Chem.), Senior researcher T.V. Kulyk


DSc (Chem.), Prof. V.V. Lobanov


PhD (Phys. & Math.), Senior researcher S.M. Makhno


PhD (Chem.), Yu.V. Plyuto


DSc (Phys. & Math.), Prof. V.O. Pokrovskiy


DSc (Phys. & Math.), Prof.S.I. Pokutnyi


DSc (Phys. & Math.), Prof. V.М. Rozenbaum


DSc (Phys. & Math.), Senior researcher O.Yu. Semchuk


G.S. Simonyan


PhD (Chem.), Senior researcher N.P. Smirnova


DSc (Chem.), Prof. Yu.О. Tarasenko


DSc (Chem.), Prof. V.А. Tertykh


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