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Kulyk Тetyana Volodymyrivna


Kulyk Тetyana Volodymyrivna

PhD in Chemistry, Senior Researcher

Head of the Laboratory of the Kinetics and Mechanisms of Chemical Transformations on Solid Surfaces

Telephone: + 380 44 422-96-76

Fax: + 380 44 424-35-67

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T.V. Kulyk works at the Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1988.


Scientific interests

Pyrolysis. Physical chemistry: kinetics, reactions/mechanisms, catalysis. Mass-spectrometry. Use of TPD-MS and linear free energy relationships for assessing the reactivity of organic molecules, biomolecules and biopolymers on nanooxides/catalysts surface. Adsorption, kinetics and mechanisms of thermal decomposition organic molecules, biomolecules and biopolymers on the surface of nanoscale materials. Synthesis of hybrid nanocomposites based on polysaccharides and nanooxides.



1984 - graduated from the Organic Chemistry Department of Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

2000 - PhD in Chemistry, specialty “physics and chemistry of surface” (candidate dissertation «Mass spectrometry of carbohydrate fragments - terminal groups of receptors molecules in condensed state and in adsorbed state on the surface of ultrafine silica»)

2007 - Senior Researcher, specialty “physics and chemistry of surface”.


Scientific work

Co-author of 60 scientific papers, supervisor of 3 PhD theses.


Selected publications

1. T.V. Kulik, L.R. Azizova, B.B. Palyanytsya, A.E. Zemlyakov, V.N. Tsikalova. Mass spectrometric investigation of synthetic glycoside of muramyl dipeptide immobilized on fumed silica surface // Mat. Sci. Eng. B. -2010. - V. 169. - P.114–118.

2. T.V. Borodavka, T.V. Kulik, B.B. Palyanytsya. Application of Temperature Programmed Desorption Mass Spectrometry for the Determination of the Deacetylation Degree of Chitosan // J. Anal. Chem. - 2010. - V. 65, N 13. - P.1377-1381.

3. K.S. Kulyk, V.V. Ishchenko, B.B. Palyanytsya, V.P. Khylya, M.V. Borysenko, T.V. Kulyk. A TPD-MS study of the interaction of coumarins and their heterocyclic derivatives with a surface of fumed silica and nanosized oxides CeO2/SiO2, TiO2/SiO2, Al2O3/SiO2” // J. Mass. Spectrom. - 2010. - V. 45. - P.750-761.

4. T.V. Kulik, V.N. Barvinchenko, B.B. Palyanytsya, N.A. Lipkovska, O.O. Dudik. Thermal transformations of biologically active derivatives of cinnamic acid by TPD MS investigation // J. Anal. Appl. Pyrolysis. – 2011. – V. 90. – P.219-223.

5. T.V. Kulik. Use of TPD-MS and Linear Free Energy Relationships for Assessing the Reactivity of Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids on a Silica Surface // J. Phys. Chem. C. - 2012. - V. 116.-P.570–580.

6. L.R. Azizova, T.V. Kulik, B.B. Palyanytsya, A.E. Zemlyakov, V.N. Tsikalova, V.Ya. Chirva, Investigation of chemical transformations of thiophenylglycoside of muramyl dipeptide on the fumed silica surface using TPD-MS, FTIR spectroscopy and ES IT MS // Nanoscale Research Letters.- 2014. - V. 9, N1. - P. 234-243.

7. T.V. Podust, T.V. Kulik, B.B. Palyanytsya, V.M. Gun'ko, A. Toth, L. Mikhalovska, S. Mikhalovsky, A. Menyhard, K. Laszlo. Chitosan-nanosilicas hybrid materials: preparation and properties // Appl. Surf. Sci. - 2014. - V. - 320. - P. 563–569.




Ukrainian conference with international participation 


devoted to the 35th anniversary of the Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine






26−27 May, 2021, Kyiv


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